What We Do

Life isn’t always fair.
We’ll make sure your legal fight is.

Recovery. It’s more than just medical. Quite often, physical injuries are just the tip of the iceberg. Many victims also suffer financial setbacks due to lost wages, medical bills and property damage. And to make matters worse, many of these individuals must then fight with insurance companies that are highly skilled at preserving their own interests. Life isn’t fair, but your legal fight should be. That’s where we come in.

Our Values

“We’re invested in your outcome because we’re vested in you.”

When your office is located in a small town, you tend to look at client relationships differently. Walk through our offices and you’ll see that we’ve earned our fair share of industry accolades. But a closer look will reveal the things we truly treasure. Like little league pictures proudly displayed in our bookcases … pictures of community gatherings…and of course Drew’s most prized possession of all, his Eagle Scout certification.

Eagle Scout

We value our clients …because we value PEOPLE.

After nearly 30 years in practice, we’ve learned that nothing is more important than the quality of each client relationship we build. The more we understand you and your case, the more precisely we are able to channel our actions and expertise on your behalf. You deserve more than legal council. You deserve an advocate who’s willing to fight by your side … someone who understands your hardship and who will keep fighting for the compensation you’re entitled to.

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